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Faerieworlds was such an adventure for all my little creatures. Robin went on an outing to meet some goblins of a different clan.

Robin meets his first new goblin

These new goblins(created by Barrett Dodds http://www.etsy.com/shop/BadArtGoblinShoppe) were a whole different type of goblin than Robin was used to spending time with.

Tinker goblins

Robin meets goblins that like to tinker

These goblins liked to tinker with things. They were always taking things apart.

Goblin in a wagon

Robin sees a goblin in a wagon

These goblins sleep in wagons instead of using them to work around the house.

gobin on a bench

Robin sees a goblin on a bench

Robin found this goblin sleeping on a bench! He smelled a bit funny too. The goblin behind Robin was making rude noises!

Pixie catching goblin

Hunting Goblin

This goblin had a net and was actually hunting pixies!

Pirate Goblin

Oh no! A Pirate Goblin

Robin even met a goblin that had grown up to be a pirate. Robin was getting a bit scared. These goblins seemed rude and dangerous even.

Barrett Dodds of B.A.D. Art

So it was decided that there would be an exchange of hostages…I mean a trading of friends to promote friendliness and knowledge between the two tribes. Robin, after meeting the other goblins, thought that it would be better for his little brother Bobby to be the hostage…um, emissary.


The other hostage…emissary

This fantastic (and fairly peaceful looking) guy came to stay with my tribe.

You can follow Barrett and Amber on facebook- Barrett Dodds and check out their work on etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/BadArtGoblinShoppe  The goblins are all out traveling right now, but you can contact them through their shop.

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I really enjoy hiking. When we were on vacation at the beginning of the month we had a lovely hike to see the cabin that my in laws honeymooned in. (There was rain, hail, thunder, lightening, and mostly making our own trail, but it was awesome.) I love to take pictures while we hike. (Which is a bit more dangerous when there isn’t much of a path and you aren’t the one who knows where you’re going) As I was taking photos on this hike, I started to notice a little creature appearing in my shots.


With the first photo, I thought what a cool little creature. This must be his home.


When he appeared in another photo, I wondered how in heavens he was moving so quickly.


I couldn’t believe how fast the little guy was moving. Poor thing, the mosquitoes were biting him.


He seemed to be quite happy to pose for some close ups.


When we stopped to eat lunch, this little guy had some how gotten into my back pack. I took him out and set him on a nice mossy area and took one last photo, or so I thought.


That little guy was back in my back pack when we loaded up the truck at the end of the hike. I placed him carefully back in the woods a bit. I have to tell you that I was completely surprised when we got back to the house and that little monster was in my back pack again. After putting him outside several times, I decided I may as well let him stay. I couldn’t get him to leave anyway.


That may have been a mistake. Pretty soon there were little guys all over the house. I gathered some of them up to get a quick photo. I could not get them to leave. I had to give in. My in laws didn’t want them all over the house, so I brought them home with me.


I live a bit over 900 miles away from my in laws, and the slerks keep showing up at my house. I have got to find some people or monsters who would like these little guys as pets. They are rapidly taking over my home.

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When Harvey woke up in the morning he thought that he felt more rested than he had for a long time. He was so happy that he’d asked to go camping. He was also quite hungry.



Harvey went to find out what was for breakfast. It is a good thing we brought a lot of food, that monster sure can eat!

After breakfast it was time to go hiking. I don’t know where Harvey gets all of his energy. He was running all over the place finding interesting things for us to look at.


Beautiful log

“Hey, check out this cool log! Wouldn’t it make great furniture?” said Harvey. And the log would have made a beautiful bench.


A wild monster home?

“Oh! Look over here! What a great house?” Harvey was quick to see what he was sure was a home for wild monsters or fairies.


Harvey leaning on the front door

Harvey ran over to knock on the door. “No one is answering,” he said sadly. He still wanted his photo taken in front of the door. I hope the owner was hiding inside frightened of all the activity.


Harvey up a tree

We hiked some more when I realized that I couldn’t see Harvey. We started calling him. “I’m over here!” shouted Harvey. “Look at me, I’m in a tree!” Harvey played in the tree for a while.

Harvey enjoys the view

Harvey enjoys the view

The view at the top of the hill was beautiful. We rested and enjoyed it. Then it was time to head back. I was exhausted from keeping up with Harvey.

We had a really great camping trip. Harvey had so much fun.

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Welcome to my first Fungus Friday. I love to photograph mushrooms, so I have a lot of photos of them. I find these photos to be inspiring. I thought I would share them with you in the hope that you enjoy them as well.Image

These mushrooms were so tiny. I found them along a “path” when we were hiking(a lot of wiggling through the brush) to see the cabin(an old smoke chasers cabin) that my mother and father in law stayed in for their honeymoon. Sadly, the creek was way too high for us to cross and see the cabin up close.

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We went camping a few weeks ago. Harvey really wanted to come with us. He had a great time.

Harvey climbing rocks

Harvey climbing rocks

The very first thing Harvey wanted to do when we got there was climb rocks. I couldn’t believe how high he was able to get.

Harvey climbing rocks

Almost to the top

Here he is almost to the top of the rocks. He was having such a great time.

Cool lichen

Harvey showing me the lichen

This is Harvey showing me the cool lichen he found in the rocks.


Worth the Climb

The view was worth the climb up the rocks. The lake is so beautiful.

Harvey taking a nap

Nap time

When we got back, Harvey was so tired. Here is a photo of him getting ready to take a nap in the hammock.

Roasting Marshmallows


After Harvey’s nap, we had dinner. Then it was time to roast marshmallows. Harvey did a great job of getting his a nice golden brown. Harvey ate what was probably too many marshmallows. We sat around the fire chatting for a while and then went to bed. Be sure the check out what happened on our second day of camping in part two.

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