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Alice Challenge

I belong to a crafting group on facebook. We have a monthly crafting challenge. This month the challenge is Alice in Wonderland.  I did not make mushrooms for this challenge. I love the scene in the Disney version where Alice is in the garden and the flowers decide she is a weed. Francis was inspired by that scene.

Francis Flower

She’s not a flower! She’s nothing but a weed!

I had a lot of fun making her.

Francis Flower

Francis Back View

I was a little bit worried about how well she would stand up, but I got it worked out.

Francis Leaf Detail

Leaf Detail

I am really happy with the way she turned out.

Francis Face

Face Close Up


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Fiber Friends

I thought that I would share photos of the animals that provide the fiber I use in my needle felted creations. Today I’d like to introduce you to Casper.



Casper is an alpaca. He works hard eating, resting, and growing fiber for me. He does a good job of it. I get a wonderful amount of lovely, soft fleece from him. My vibrant colors come mainly from the fiber I get from him.

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Fungus Friday


I was happy to get such a nice picture of this little guy. Some times, even with the macro setting, it is very difficult to get good photos of tiny things.

I hope you are enjoying Fungus Friday. Please leave a comment and let me know.

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This is Gladys, she is a Gronk Fairy. She loves her job.

Gladys Gronk Fairy

Gladys the Gronk Fairy

I may have mentioned before that Gronks are very nosy…I mean curious. They like to know everything.  The Gronk Fairies bring all the nice news (They would never repeat anything mean) to the good Gronks.

Gladys the Gronk Fairy


Gladys knows that to do your job well, you must take good care of your equipment. So she always keeps her wings clean and in good shape.

Gladys the Gronk Fairy

Good Grooming

Gladys thinks it is  important to look your best when you have a job to do. She keeps her hair braided tidily and her toe nails neat. If you are very good, maybe Gladys will bring some nice news to you.


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While we were at Faerieworlds, Grog wanted to go explore like Robin did. He did not, however, wish to spend time with the goblins across the way with all their questionable behavior.

Grog with wand

Grog tries the first wand

Grog decided that he would more comfortable checking out the great magic wands at Willowroot Wands( http://www.willowrootwands.com ) There were really beautiful things in this little shop. The wand with the red crystal was lovely.

Grog with Wand

Oak Leaf Wand

Grog really liked the wand with oak leaves on it. If it had acorns too, it would have been perfect.

Grog with Wand

Heart wand

The heart wand was wonderful. Grog thought that it may be the right one.  He kept it in mind as he continued looking.

Grog with wand and hat

Trying on the Witch Hat and Broom Wand

It was fun to try out the Witch Hat and Broom Wand, but they weren’t quite what Grog was looking for.

Grog with Wand

Fairy Wand

This wand, the Fairy Wand, was exactly the right one. “Here,” said Grog, “this is the one that you need to take home with you.” Grog had picked out a wonderful wand with a crystal ball surrounded by beautiful fairies. It was the perfect wand to come home with me.

Please take time to look at these wonderful wands for yourself. Willowroot Wands can be found here http://www.willowrootwands.com/ There are many fabulousl things to be found there.




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Fungus Friday

Coral Mushroom

This is one of the most interesting fungi that I have photographed. I had never seen one before my Idaho vacation this year. Just like flowers, fungi have their seasons and had never been there at the right time of year before.

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I was excited when I saw that a honey bee had landed on one of my mushrooms. I ran to get my camera.

honey bee

A honey bee came to visit

I didn’t need to hurry though. It was a bit chilly in the mornings at Faerieworlds.  I think that this little honey bee was out and about a bit too early.

honey bee

warming up

She stayed on the mushroom until the sun came out from behind the clouds and it started to warm up.

honey bee

Posing for photos

I was very happy to be able to get some lovely photos before she warmed up and flew away.

Honey bee

About ready to go



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