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Happy Friday! We finally got a little bit of moisture here at Woodland Whimsy. We had a lovely soaking rain on Wednesday afternoon and evening. It turned into snow over night. Big fluffy flakes of it were falling on Thursday morning. That was followed by some sleet that melted all the snow. We got a bit more snow last night. It is just a thin coating, but it is already sparkling and the sun is not yet up. I know that much of the country has been getting a lot of snow when they usually get none, but we have been unusually warm and dry here in Northern Nevada. How is the weather where you are?

PICS 178

I took this photo several years ago. It is so fun to go through photos of vacations past. My youngest daughter(who is now in the army) is so very young in them. I found this lovely group of fungus on a fallen birch tree in the woods by the lake where we were having a picnic. The photos of my family playing in the lake make me smile.


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It has been very busy this week at Woodland Whimsy. Everything has been counted and recorded in a new spread sheet. One of our goals for the year is to keep better records. I have been felting away and my husband has made a couple of new pieces to use in our display.

Walter can stand up

Walter can stand up

If you have ever seen Walter in person, he was always leaning or wrapped around something. He spent his public life looking quite tipsy. No more! Walter has a new stand that lets him show what a sober guy he really is.

Yesterday morning


This photo is from yesterday. Three mushrooms and a tiny terrarium finished. Betty Goblin Baby’s head is almost finished. Poor Betty has been a work in progress for quite some time. She is glad to see that her completion is in sight. See that cute little driftwood bench? My husband made that for me to use in my display at shows.

This morning

This morning

Four more mushrooms completed. Betty has a body and a new gronk(who has also been a work in progress for a while) is getting some work done. It feels good to be busy and productive. I’d best get back to work, Betty would really like to have some arms, legs, and ears.



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Happy Friday! I hope that you week has been wonderful. Do you have something awesome planned for the weekend?

PICS 475

I just love the variety of frilly shelf type fungi that are to be found. This is a fallen birch tree in the woods of North Idaho.

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Or at least to a Bollywood Party. The annual Friday night of Twelfth Night themed party was Bollywood this year. There was better turn out than there has ever been before. Sunny had a blast at the party.


Sunny had such a lovely time meeting new people and seeing all the fabulous costumes.


He got to hang out with some lovely ladies.


He even got some kisses.


Sunny is cute from the back too!


We all had a wonderful time. Sunny really wishes that I had managed to take more photos. There were many, many people at the party. All of them(men and women both) in fabulous costumes.

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Happy Friday! I have to admit that I almost forgot it was Friday. I had a terrible headache yesterday and spent most of the day sleeping, so I had a lost day.

PICS 207

Here is a lovely shelf fungus that is just full of personality. I almost expected him to start up a conversation.

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Bertram Bogling finally arrived in his entirety on Monday this week.

Bertram Bogling

Bertram Bogling

He immediately received an invitation to travel to Britain to live.


His ticket arrived yesterday, and he will fly out by tomorrow.

Bartholomew on his raft

Bartholomew on his raft

While a bit sad that he won’t get to sail the bog in Bartholomew’s  old raft(The bog here at Woodland Whimsy is frozen right now),he is very happy to be flying across the continent and over the ocean to his new home.



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Happy Friday! This week has been full of false and stuttering starts creation wise. I have worked on many things and really finished none. I guess I still have today and tomorrow to get myself together and accomplish something this week. I have been spending forty minutes a day on the treadmill, which is good to get back to doing.


This gorgeous little fungus was growing out of a fallen tree.

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Good Morning! Things should be getting back to normal here. The holidays and two huge sewing projects have kept me very busy. I hope you will take a look and let me know what you think of my outfits.


This is the dress I made for The Great Dicken’s Christmas Faire.


I made this dress for Western Twelfth Night. Two ambitious outfits like this in five weeks was a wee bit insane, but I am happy with them.

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