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New Tool!

Last weekend my husband made me a new tool to use while wet felting. I love that I can show him a picture, and he can make it happen for me. I’m not really sure what this tool is called. I used it for both the initial felting and some of the fulling.


This is what it looks like on the bottom.


Here it is from the side. The handle is repurposed and very comfortable to use. The body is a wood scrap left over from another project. The flattened marbles are held on with an exterior latex sealer.


This tool cut down the felting time significantly. It is fun and easy to use. It gives me the freedom to do much larger pieces than I have been willing to attempt in the past. Making a shawl seems feasible instead of daunting.


It also made shaping this hat(well it will be a hat someday) much easier.

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Happy Friday everyone! Do you have something fun planned for the weekend? My guys are busy, so I will be having a quiet weekend at home.

Mike's camera 823 Mike's camera 825 Mike's camera 826

This guys is so majestic he deserves to be seen from a few angles. Finding fabulous fungus to photograph is one of my favorite parts of hikes in the woods.

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Once upon a time a young triclops awoke. He felt confused and a bit ill. Slowly he looked around. Nothing looked familiar. Where was he? For that matter, who was he? Starting to feel panicked, he sat up quickly. Then he realized he had a piece of paper in his hand. There was writing on it.

Dearest Seymour,

If you are reading this, the spell has worked and our message has found its way to you. We love you and hope that you are safe and well. We hope by this time that your quest is finished and you are on your way back to us.

With Much Love,

Mom and Dad

Seymour felt full of despair. How could he find his way home if he didn’t know where home was? Seymour read the note again and then once more. The words that spoke of love, hope, and family gave him heart. Seymour stood, chose the direction that seemed best to him and began to walk.

Seymour the Wanderer

Seymour the Wanderer

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I forgot my camera on Saturday when we went to shear my mother’s alpacas. Even if I had remembered, I don’t think I would have gotten any photos. The three(my husband, son, and myself) of us were constantly busy for the nearly six hours it took us to get it done. We were super happy to have help from my nephew and his friend at the beginning of the day when we had to herd the alpacas into a confined space.

This was my first time shearing an alpaca. I’d only done two sheep before. It ended up being much different than sheep. I learned first hand that alpacas really don’t like their legs to be touched. I found shearing the necks to be the most difficult part. I’m not sure if the fiber on their necks is of a different texture or what, but it was the most difficult part to shear on every one of the alpacas, whether they were cooperative or not.

The first one we sheared (Casper) was super docile and cooperative. The last one (Sunsational) cried, screamed, spit, and/or struggled the whole time. Next time he will get done first. It was pretty difficult to deal with at the end of a long day. The other four were somewhat between those two in behavior. One struggled so much that his neck did not get finished, he looks a bit like a lion. It was hard work, and there was definitely a learning curve. I felt like I was much faster and just better at it by the end. I saw some photos today of some alpacas that had been professionally sheared, it made me feel better about the job I did. I was worried about how very ugly the hair cuts were that I gave them, the professionally done ones didn’t look too much better though.

The important thing is that the alpacas are all sheared so should be much more comfortable for the summer. I also have six huge bags of fiber to use to create more fun art.

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Happy Friday! What do you have planned for the weekend? We will be traveling over the mountains to shear alpacas so we have more fiber to create wonderful things. I will strive to remember to get photos. None of us have sheared alpacas before, so we are really hoping it is not that much different than sheep.


Some slime molds are pretty yucky looking, but these little spots of orange slime mold are quite pretty.


Bonus photo! This is my dog, Keterlyn, on the same hike I took the photo of the slime mold. She is getting too old to go on long hikes with us(These photos are about five years old), but she is still a great friend.

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The San Jose Fantasy Faire was last weekend. It holds a special place in my heart, as it was my first large show. As usual, I was unable to get a lot of photos since I am working when I am there, but I have some booth shots to share with you.

ff costume shot 2

This is what we looked like on Saturday morning.


The entire booth.


Left side


Right side


The back

ff costume shot1

Us on Sunday


Spock came by and checked out the curious creatures. Ricky thought the tricorder tickled.


A very happy customer. I always have the best intentions of getting photos of customers with their new friends. I just get caught up in things and forget. It is something I will continue to try and do. My next venue will be in Coolin, Idaho for Priest Lake Spring Festival.

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Happy Friday! I hope all you lovely people have fun plans for the weekend. I am planning on working in the shop and the garden.


I didn’t have my camera with me when I saw this sweet little mushroom. Thank goodness the picture I took with my phone turned out well. It is difficult to believe that I was tramping out in the woods without my camera. We were helping my father in law get firewood, but that is no excuse.

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