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Happy Friday! I am running a bit late with this post today, but I am getting it done.


This mushroom photo comes from my very own garden! I live in the desert. I rarely have mushrooms growing. This one is quite different from the others I get from time to time.

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Happy Friday! We have some very new and exciting changes coming here at Woodland Whimsy. I’m not going to share them yet, but there is a big shaking up coming for us.

vacation 062

I love this fungus! He looks like he is wearing a jaunty hat.

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Happy Friday! A blessed Lughnasadh to those of you who are celebrating today. May you harvest be joyous and plentiful.

vacation 052

These lovely little mushrooms were squeezing up out from under a rock. They look like a sweet little mushroom family.

vacation 056

Bonus! Froggy Friday, we saw this little guy on the same hike in the woods that we saw the mushrooms. I just love little frogs.

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