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The Snottlings are really feeling the holiday spirit this year. They insisted that they be able to dress for the occasion.


I could only get two of them to be still long enough forĀ  a photo. It doesn’t matter that it is cold outside, once a Snottling gets outside, all it wants to do is explore.

The Snottlings, and all of us here at Woodland Whimsy, wish you a joyous holiday season. However you celebrate, we wish you joy, warmth, and light.

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Happy Friday! Woodland Whimsy will be very quiet this weekend. Both of the other humans who live here have things to do away from home. I will have a weekend of cleaning and creating.


These lovely little mushrooms were photographed on our hike in to see the cabin that my in laws honey mooned in. It was a much shorter hike for us than it was for them. The road that gotĀ  us close wasn’t there nearly 60 years ago. They got rowed across the lake and dropped off by the outlet of the creek that runs by the cabin. It was a four mile hike from there. Last summer several men got together and put a new roof (hand cut shakes) on the cabin and did some other refurbishing. It is nice that the cabin is not being left to fall into ruin.

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