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Fungus Friday

Happy Friday! I hope that you are all doing well. I have been pretty sick this week, but have hope that I will recover soon.


I hope you enjoy today’s little colony of mushrooms.

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Happy Friday the 13th! Do you worry that today is an unlucky day? Do you think it is a lucky day? Do you not care either way? How ever you feel about today, I hope that you enjoy today’s fungus.


I think this guy had to work pretty hard to push himself up through the mulch that coats the forest floor.

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Fungus Friday

Happy Friday! Today is also Tiara Day, so if you have one, get it out and wear it. My husband took today off so we can spend the day together. So I am going to have a fantastic day! I hope that you are as well.


Cute little mushrooms growing up on a fallen tree. These were spotted on our hike to the cabin where my in laws honey mooned last October. It was really neat to see the cabin and all the repairs that had been made over the summer. It was while our grandsons were staying with us. We packed them in.

IMG_6372 IMG_6376

They aren’t the best pictures, as they were taken while we were actually moving, but the boys had a blast on the hike.


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A new creature has appeared from the lake here at Woodland Whimsy. She is cute as can be.


Initially, she was very shy and tried to hide. With a bit of patience, she soon decided that we were all right to talk to.


“Hi, my name is Betty. I am a squoozle. There are a lot of us living in the lake, but we are all shy.”  I assured Betty that it was safe for her friends if they wanted to come out.


“I will take to them and see what they say. I’m not sure that they are ready to meet new being though.” confided Betty. Then she headed back down toward the lake and into the water. I hope that we all get a chance to meet some more squoozles. Betty was a very charming creature.

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