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The Saturday of Convolution, I was able to participate in the Finding Your Troll Tale Workshop with the Frouds. If you have not a had a chance to see Brian and Wendy’s latest book, you should make an effort to do so. In it you get to meet the Froudian Trolls, who are defined by the stories they know. The trolls tie items to their tails which help them remember each story. The workshop started with a meditation directed by Wendy, followed by sketching or writing down things we saw during the meditation. Then we worked on making our own troll tails, using a stick as our tail. It was a wonderful experience. I was able to get photos of several of the projects made in the workshop. I was not able to get a group photo and am apparently too silly to have someone take a photo of me with mine. I also did not get everyone’s name, but I did get their permission to use their photos here.


This lovely couple was also in the mask making workshop.


My friend Sherri, who is lovely and so talented.


Kimmi, who put together an incredible convention.


My table mate for the workshop.


This gentleman was also in the mask making work shop.


Michelle and Alan, I’m so glad that I got to meet them.

Toby with his incredible creation

Toby with his incredible creation

If you ever get the chance to take a class or participate in a workshop with any of the Frouds, I really hope you will do it. They are all wonderful to work with and learn from. You may also want to check out Froud Meditations, Pathways to Faery. It is an app for idevices and available as an MP3 from Amazon.

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One never really knows where inspiration will come from. Sometimes a chance comment can really get your brain moving in a creative direction. For my forty second birthday, I made a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy cake(as one does).


This is what it looked like.



I kept the two white mice sculptures. They sit on a shelf with some other display items. My in laws were visiting last week. My mother in law asked if I had made the mice. I told her that I had, they came off of my birthday cake. She said she thought that they were needled felted. Then she suggested that I could have needle felted them. Which I agreed I probably could. That thought bounced around in my brain for a couple of days.


This little mouse was the result. I am super happy with him. He has already gone to his forever home.


Some creatures are too small to ride horses. How does one deal with that? Saddle up your mousey friend of course.


Here is a color variation.

So look and listen when you are searching for inspiration. You never know what might give you a great idea.

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Happy Tuesday Morning! As you know, I love spending time with nature. I was looking through some photos over the weekend and discovered that I had photos of nature and my art that were very similar. The parallel was fun for me, so I thought I would share it with you.


Shirley the Crested Worm

This is Shirley the Crested Worm. She appeared in my garden in the early spring.

Striped Millipede

Striped Millipede

I took this photo out hiking with my husband toward the end of May. I wasn’t planning on imitating Mother Nature when I created Shirley, but had certainly seen these creatures before. All the things in my brain bump around until something ends up being created with my needle. Inspiration doesn’t have to be in the forefront of the mind to be inspiring.

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It’s time for another Inspiration Thursday. I love this feature of my blog. It is so interesting to me to find out what inspires my fellow artists. Today’s artist is Samantha Webb from Moby and Puddle. She is an artist that makes fantastic, whimsical creatures.  You can see more of her work here http://www.facebook.com/mobyandpuddle You can also follow the adventures of her traveling goblins here http://www.facebook.com/GoblinOnTheGo


What inspires me?
I am a full time mummy. That is a full time job but is so much fun and so liberating! I spend my evenings following my dreams of becoming an artist whilst my Webblings (aged 4yrs and 1yr) sleep. They are my true inspiration, the reason that I continue to follow the path of an artist, because I don’t want them to ever feel that I gave up or that money is the only way to gain happiness! 


I am inspired by the world around me, particularly nature. The changing of the seasons and the passage of time, there are so many unseen and yet constant forces at work, perhaps the forces themselves have 
personalities? I look out of my kitchen window and next to the inner city school, that my little girl just started, grows a huge maple tree. Unlike the buildings around it, looking worn with age, the tree has a majesty 
and a beauty that it has developed through many eras. Perhaps the maple has a protector to keep it safe from destruction and human development of land, perhaps it homes a family of faeries?


I think I have always believed that there is something more than what we merely see, science proves this constantly. It makes it no less magic in my opinion. I found the work of Brian and Wendy Froud helped me to realize that my point of view was shared by others and celebrated in art.


I have always written stories, for as long as I can remember but only painted now and then. I was never very happy with the outcome but  I began to paint as a way to ease pre-natal depression rather than take medication and found that the more I painted the more I loved it. Then I rediscovered favorite films such as Labyrinth and TV shows like Fraggle Rock with my daughter who was a baby at the time. The work of Jim Henson Studios continues to be influential to me throughout needle felting in particular! I have never been in a position where I could afford an art class so everything is self taught and learned via many mistakes!
Faerie Light

Faerie Light

I watch You Tube videos and have wonderful books by Christi Friesen and Birdy Heywood which taught me the basics in clay but I am absolutely useless at following guides so I have had to improvise! Still without those books I would not have developed to the stage that I am at now! 


I adore mixed media and am always trying to mix new materials together, a lot of my favorite work blends my love of clay with my love of sewing and needle felting! My Trolls manage to mix all three! It doesn’t always work but I will keep those misguided creations to myself! I am still very new to the world of art and craft. I am enjoying my journey and hope that I can keep going for as long as the inspiration strikes! 
Samantha Webb
Moby and Puddle

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Welcome to another addition of Inspiration Thursday. Our featured artist today is Linda Gallipo.  Her work is wonderfully detailed and just beautiful. You can see more of it here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Felted-Family-Creations-More/207989989269097 and at her blog here http://vermontfeltedfamilycreations.wordpress.com/

What inspires me? I guess I never thought about it before at least as a specific thing. From the time I was little I used to love to lay in the grass and look up at the sky. I would make out all different things in the clouds. Still do that to this day. So I guess I would have to say nature mostly.


Flower Elephant

I like to take a close look as to what shapes are intertwined to create the look of something I am trying to do. I seem to find a face in most anything I look at including, but not limited to clouds, the moon, grass, tree bark, even a wrinkle in fabric. Once I find the face or the core, I am good to go!


Patriotic Eagle

Anything Peaceful inspires me in this very hectic world we live in it is always nice to take a break from reality. I love picking up a medium and seeing it come to life as something else.

Gloria Wonkel

Gloria Wonkel

I started “Vermont Felted Family Creations” because I have such a passion to create that I needed an outlet to get my creations out there before it took over my home. My Daughter enjoys crafting as much as I do so it seemed like a good idea.


The Pot of Gold

So happy we did as we have met so many wonderful Artists and made so many new friends from all over the World! These fellow Artists/Friends are also a major Inspiration!

Belly Dancer

Belly Dancer

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I would like to say that I will be completely back on track with my blogging, but I am still having intermittent problems (meaning they only happen when my husband is not home) with my computer. My husband fixes such things for a living, so I’m sure as soon as it happens when he sees it, he can fix it.

Pam Ray is today’s artist. I have to say that she is an inspires me to live my life the best way I can. She is a loving lady who is willing to go above and beyond to care for those she loves. Her art is fun and so creative. You can see more of Pam’s work here http://www.facebook.com/OriginalMinnesotaRockHeadsWoolSculptures.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by so much and so many different things in life. I am always one that trys to look at everything with my cup half full and with humor. Everyday we all need to have a laugh or a short giggle, dream even if its for a few moments.

rock heads

Original Minnesota Rock Heads

We have been through so much with family. When my youngest adopted son started having tantrums from his disability F.A.S.  we couldn’t do anything for him. So I brought out my very first Rock Head Fred. I told him that Fred really needed his help on getting Louise to go fishing with him. My boy was five he started laughing so hard and then he goes, “Mom they are only heads how can they go fishing?” Well the conversation went on and on.  So I decided that I needed to needle felt and write stories about the MN Rock Heads. So each Rock Head has a humorous story that everyone can relate to somehow.


Felix and Froggy

The Rock Heads even had tragedy in their lives, friends people that didn’t know me at all sent well wishes The Rock Heads brought people together which was nice. I didn’t realize how many fans the Rock Heads have.

Visiting School

Lindy Lou and Felix at School

I am inspired everyday by people, nature, and the love of how humor can help someone feel better, to dream, and laugh. Life can be hard for all at times, but  it can be joyous too, so the Rock Heads are here to help you dream, enjoy, and bring people together!

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It’s time for another Inspiration Thursday. I will be highlighting one artist a week.(I hope I can find enough artists who want to participate.) The artist has just one question to answer, “What inspires you?” On the surface, it seems like a very simple question; however, it is also very complex. I hope that you will enjoy both the answer and the featured artist’s work.

Our artist for this week is Natasha Smith of Shetland. You can see more of Natasha’s fabulous work here http://www.facebook.com/FeltingIsFun?ref=ts

What inspires me?
O.K so for me its my environment. I moved to the wilds of Shetland 6 years ago and have never looked back. For anyone who has been here, they know the secret of the isles.  For anyone who hasn’t, this secret is still to be discovered. The sounds, the smells, the wind blowing across the sea. The weather here changes so quickly you can see all four seasons in one day. All your senses are tantalized, that is what makes Shetland a wonderful place for an artist. It’s truly an awe inspiring place to be.


Viking Men

I live surrounded by sheep and wanted to try and utilize their wool so I started knitting and stumbled upon needle felting. I have fallen head over heels in love with it. Using wool of any type makes me feel linked to my surroundings. I love the feeling it gives me inside, it makes me glow.


Dragon Day Out with Bling

My work is guided by everything I see and imagine, almost everything touches me in some way and I hope it shows in my work. My mood also molds my work. I think that is true of all artists across the board. We all have our happy days and some days are more subdued than others. On these days, I still try to create as I know sometimes something magical can come out of your feelings.

Chinese Dragon

Chinese Dragon

Of course I am inspired by talented artists, but I do try not to be influenced by their work too much. I like to keep evolving my own style. Ultimately I create my art for fun and to make people smile.

lap full of fun

Natasha’s Beautiful Daughter and Pals

This is what drives me forward. Sometimes though it is just me who smiles, and that’s the best reward of all.

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It’s time for another Inspiration Thursday. I will be highlighting one artist a week.(I hope I can find enough artists who want to participate.) The artist has just one question to answer, “What inspires you?” On the surface, it seems like a very simple question; however, it is also very complex. I hope that you will enjoy both the answer and the featured artist’s work.

Today’s artist is Jody Whittington. Jody is from Vermont. While she is mainly a needle felter. She has recently branched out into polymer clay. You can see more of  of Jody’s work here http://www.facebook.com/MakeLifeBearable   and here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Felted-Family-Creations-More/207989989269097 (Jody shares this page with her mother, who is also a very talented artist.)

What inspires you?

I really think I am going to go with saying that just about anything inspires me. When I don’t know what to make I walk around my house just looking for something to hit me (inspire me) I’ll use these pictures as examples…..The sunflower bear….it was rubber erasers that I made into flip flops that inspired me to make a summer time bear.

Sunflower Bear

Sunflower Bear, needle felted

The merbaby….it was the smooth rock I had that made me want to cover it in stain glass paint and make it look like water.


Merbaby, polymer clay

My wizard was inspired because I had a clear colored marble, to use as a crystal ball.


Wizard, polymer clay

My Jae~Maes are inspired by memories or thoughts….The little girl playing dress up in her grandmas attic was inspired by a friend reminiscing about how she used to do that.

Dressing up

Dressing Up, Jae-Mae Collection, needle felted

The togetherness piece was inspired by my son sitting on his dad’s knee.


Togetherness, Jae-Mae Collection, needle felted

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Inspiration Thursday

On Inspiration Thursday, I plan to highlight one artist a week.(I hope I can find enough artists who want to participate.) The artist has just one question to answer, “What inspires you?” On the surface, it seems like a very simple question; however, it is also very complex. I hope that you will enjoy both the answer and the featured artist’s work.

Tamiya de Kubber, from Holland, will be my first featured artist. You can see more of her work here: www.tammels.nl and http://www.facebook.com/pages/tammels/291926704168916


Purple Tammels

What inspires me?  Everything around me.  I can look outside and see something that catches my eye, a bird, or a leaf, but most of all I love the sky with its ever changing shades of blue and white.

two tammels

Two Tammels and a tiny doll

When it rains the rainbow comes out, if you know me you know I love rainbows,  and last, but sure not least, I love a good sunrise or sunset with the reds, oranges, yellows, pinks, and purples .

tammels outside

Tammels outside

When I don’t have my head outside, I love to browse the internet and find my inspiration in other artists’ work and photos, but it has to be colorful.

sitting tammels

Pink Tammels

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