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This is Chester Chicken. Now chickens are not normally something that I would think about making, but last year I made several. I did a show in Fair Oaks, California called the Chicken Festival. They encouraged everyone to have some sort of chicken for sale. Chester is my prototype. I did not sell a single chicken at that show. All of them have found homes since then though.

The real reason I wanted to write about chickens today is that yesterday my husband and I finished our new chicken coop. I have been missing fresh eggs so much since I moved away from the farm five years ago. This year my husband said I could get chickens if I wanted to. My girls are almost three months old. Were they every mad yesterday when I moved them from their current housing in to the new coop. They easily conquered the use of the ramp. I was a bit worried about that. I only had to put two of the seven into their little house when I closed the door last night. I thought I was going to have to make them all mad at me again. Here is a photo of the new coop and some of my girls.


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