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One never really knows where inspiration will come from. Sometimes a chance comment can really get your brain moving in a creative direction. For my forty second birthday, I made a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy cake(as one does).


This is what it looked like.



I kept the two white mice sculptures. They sit on a shelf with some other display items. My in laws were visiting last week. My mother in law asked if I had made the mice. I told her that I had, they came off of my birthday cake. She said she thought that they were needled felted. Then she suggested that I could have needle felted them. Which I agreed I probably could. That thought bounced around in my brain for a couple of days.


This little mouse was the result. I am super happy with him. He has already gone to his forever home.


Some creatures are too small to ride horses. How does one deal with that? Saddle up your mousey friend of course.


Here is a color variation.

So look and listen when you are searching for inspiration. You never know what might give you a great idea.

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