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I really like to be outside. I also love rocks and digging. We are fortunate to have a crystal mine close to Woodland Whimsy. Most of the crystals I use in my work were found there by my husband. I do not seem to have the same crystal magnetism that he does. It has been a warm winter here, so we decided to take the drive up the mountain to Crystal Peak to see if there was bare ground to dig. It is a long drive up a dirt road that was much damaged by the winter weather. There wasn’t any snow until we were getting close. Then it was an icy, snowy, slippery mess. We could tell that other vehicles had made it up though, so we kept going.

The place that we normally dig still had some snow cover, but much of the area was clear. It was a great day to find crystals. I usually don’t find any at all, but I found several really nice, though small, crystals. I found some nice fat points that were broken off, but will still work for terrariums. It was windy and cold but totally worth it.


Here is a photo of some of the things we found. The ones that are greenish have copper deposits on them. I would guess the brownish ones have iron, but I could be wrong. I have already used one of the points that I found.

Seymour the Wanderer

Seymour the Wanderer

This is Seymour the Wanderer. His walking staff has one of my finds at the top.


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