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I’d like to introduce you to Wilma. She loves to frolic in the woods near Woodland Whimsy. She has a smile and a happy thought for everyone she meets.

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Thank you for joining Montrose and me for our continuing exploration of the San Diego Zoo.


We went to see the koalas next. We were happy that they had photos and names for several of the koalas.


They were mostly sleeping and were very difficult to see, let alone get a good photo of them.


The giraffes were easy to see. They are so majestic.


Isn’t the baby adorable?


This antelope lives with the giraffes.


This little donkey doesn’t look happy to see us, but he sure was cute.


Montrose loved the flamingos! I had to explain to him that they really do not make good pets.


Montrose enjoyed reading the information about the different animals.


He thought the bears were very interesting. They had lovely enclosures with plants and caves. He was glad that they were far away. He is a bit afraid of bears.

We hope you enjoyed part two of our zoo adventure. We are looking forward to sharing part three with you.


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Once upon a time there was a gronk named Gabby. She was happy living at Woodland Whimsy with all the fantastic creatures, but what she really wanted was a home and a special friend all her own.

Gabby Gronk

Gabby Gronk

All of the creatures from Woodland Whimsy go to fairs in hopes of getting adopted. Gabby always made sure that her pig tails were perfect, and that she was happy as she could be when she went. One day, at a wonderful fair near Lake Tahoe, Gabby met a beautiful little girl who was looking for a forever friend. Gabby and the lovely girl felt an instant friendship. Both were very happy to go home together. Gabby and the girl are happy together still and will be so forever after.

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I’m back. I was on vacation. I looked back and realized that I forgot to write a post telling you I was going on vacation. Sigh, it is always a very busy time. I always forget several things.

While I was away I finished a really fun creature. His name is Wendel.


Wendel is quite tall. (I really  need to measure him)


I’m really happy with all of the little details.



I hope that you enjoy Wendel as much as I enjoyed creating him. I would love it if you could take a minute and let me know what you think.

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Once upon a time a young triclops awoke. He felt confused and a bit ill. Slowly he looked around. Nothing looked familiar. Where was he? For that matter, who was he? Starting to feel panicked, he sat up quickly. Then he realized he had a piece of paper in his hand. There was writing on it.

Dearest Seymour,

If you are reading this, the spell has worked and our message has found its way to you. We love you and hope that you are safe and well. We hope by this time that your quest is finished and you are on your way back to us.

With Much Love,

Mom and Dad

Seymour felt full of despair. How could he find his way home if he didn’t know where home was? Seymour read the note again and then once more. The words that spoke of love, hope, and family gave him heart. Seymour stood, chose the direction that seemed best to him and began to walk.

Seymour the Wanderer

Seymour the Wanderer

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The San Jose Fantasy Faire was last weekend. It holds a special place in my heart, as it was my first large show. As usual, I was unable to get a lot of photos since I am working when I am there, but I have some booth shots to share with you.

ff costume shot 2

This is what we looked like on Saturday morning.


The entire booth.


Left side


Right side


The back

ff costume shot1

Us on Sunday


Spock came by and checked out the curious creatures. Ricky thought the tricorder tickled.


A very happy customer. I always have the best intentions of getting photos of customers with their new friends. I just get caught up in things and forget. It is something I will continue to try and do. My next venue will be in Coolin, Idaho for Priest Lake Spring Festival.

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My best friend and I went on a long girls weekend of shenanigans. Elvin came a long with us. Not everything we did was shenanigans though. We stayed with some lovely friends on Thursday night. They had an orange tree out back and told us we were welcome to have some oranges.

So many oranges

So many oranges

Elvin scrambled right up the tree to check them out.


“The oranges smell so good!” Elvin exclaimed. “I can’t wait to eat them.”

Time for a ride in the fruit picker.

Time for a ride in the fruit picker.

Elvin hopped into the fruit picker so he could get some of the oranges that were up high.

Got one

Got one

“This is the perfect orange. I will have it for breakfast.” he declared.



Elvin took a rest in the bag of oranges after we were done picking them. He was so happy to have so much fresh, yummy, fruit.

If you like Elvin, you can see more of my work on my facebook page or my website.

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