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Happy Friday the 13th! Do you worry that today is an unlucky day? Do you think it is a lucky day? Do you not care either way? How ever you feel about today, I hope that you enjoy today’s fungus.


I think this guy had to work pretty hard to push himself up through the mulch that coats the forest floor.

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Happy Friday! We are well into the new year. My life has settled down a bit, so it’s back to blogging for me.


This soon to be big guy was just pushing up out of the soil when I found him.  It looks like a critter had already had a little bit of a snack off of the side.

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Happy Friday! I am sure an ready for it this week; although, everyone in this house has something they must do tomorrow. I hope that you are happy for the weekend as well.


Huge Fungus

Most of my fungus photos are taken up close and personal. I had to stand way back to get this big guy in the picture. There are amazing things to be found while tromping around in the woods.

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