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We are so excited to have a new member of our family here at Woodland Whimsy. Keeta came to live with us a bit over two weeks ago.


Keeta has just turned six months old. She is a German Shepard/Catahoula mix.


She is pretty big. She already weighs over fifty pound and is quite tall.


The other dogs have gotten used to her. Evelyn(my daughter’s dog who is living with us temporarily) will play with her. Keterlyn will sleep with her. Heinrich ignores her.Which is what he does with things he doesn’t really approve of, but knows he has to deal with because they belong to us.


Keeta is a real sweetie, but dealing with a puppy, especially a large puppy, is something we have to remember how to do properly. Puppies chew, and tall puppies can get things from places you think are out of reach.


This used to be Elvin. You have met him here on the blog before, and I still have two other adventures to write about him. I’m not sure how she managed to get him, since he was up high in a room she wasn’t supposed to be able to access, but get him she did. I’m hoping that he can be cleaned up and repaired, but I’m not sure that it is possible. I lost a couple of felted mice as well, but I’m doing better with remembering how very tall she is.


She really is a wonderful dog. My pillows seem to be where she wants to hang out. She tends to jump up there as soon as I move.


We are so happy with our new addition(this photo is when she first came home, I removed that collar pretty promptly). We are her fourth home, including the one she was born in that she left at five week(sad). We are glad to be able to offer her a home where she will be loved and cared for always, not just until someone decides she is too much trouble.


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