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Little Chair

I am in the process of making a little chair to use for display purposes. I’ll be adding a paint wash to age the cuts on the twigs. I am trying to decide how best to embellish it. Please let me know if you have any ideas for that.


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Happy Friday! I am running a bit late with this post today, but I am getting it done.


This mushroom photo comes from my very own garden! I live in the desert. I rarely have mushrooms growing. This one is quite different from the others I get from time to time.

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Happy Friday everyone! Do you have something wonderful planned for the weekend? I am planning on driving over the mountain to visit with my mom.


I so rarely get to post photos of mushrooms that I have taken at my house. Living in the desert does not happy mushrooms make. These cute little guys were growing in one of my container gardens. I mixed compost with the potting soil this year, so I am looking forward to having bunches of mushrooms in my pots.

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I am so happy to over the flu. I just have a bit of a cough that is hanging on.


I love this mushroom growing in my in law’s garden. The pansy back drop is pretty.

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I’m sure you all recall how much slerks like to be outdoors. I was out taking photos of some of my flowers today. The slerks were having so much fun that I had to get some pictures of them as well.


The little pink slerk had climbed up in the little apple tree that is growing in a pot. This pot was left here by the former owners of the house. This little tree came up from seed in it the first year we were here. I have just left it there. It has bulbs and irises planted around it.


They hyacinths are really beautiful this year. This little guy was having a good time checking them out.


The hellebores are still in bud. They’ve been kind of stuck at this stage. It has gotten cooler the last couple of weeks. This little guy had fun climbing up into the future flowers.


This slerk loves the daffodils. He was hurrying from plant to plant, checking out the beautiful flowers. The daffodils are getting close to being finished, so it is good to enjoy them while it is possible to do so.


The heuchera is pushing up some new leaves. Flowers are still quite some time off, but the leaves are always beautiful.


This purple slerk was playing in a potted fairy garden. The hens and chicks are his favorite.


The berry part of the snow berries are faded, most have fallen from the bush already. This slerk enjoyed the climb up through the newly emerging leaves.


My goodness! Trying to get all the slerks together for a group photo is almost as difficult as getting the snottlings to cooperate. They finally gathered together in the muscari for a quick family photo.

I hope you enjoyed the mini garden tour with the slerks. If you love them, you can order one here. You can see more of my work on my facebook page or my web page.


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Happy Friday! Do you have something awesome scheduled for this weekend?

Mushroom family

Mushroom family

These mushrooms remind me of a happy mushroom family. I can see Mom, Dad, Big Brother, and Little Sister.

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Happy Friday! We’ve had a fun week of family visiting here at Woodland Whimsy. They will be leaving today.

It is hot here now, and getting hotter by the day. How is the weather where you are?

vacation 005

This little guy was growing in my mother in law’s garden. That leaf is from a crocus. I am really missing the cooler temperatures of the North right now.

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