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This is Harry the Dragon. He is my third needle felted creation and first dragon I ever made. He is actually the very first fantasy character that I made. (I think that my photo taking has improved quite a bit since I began.) While I was doing research on the internet to figure out how this whole needle felting thing worked, I ran across a site call Owning Alpaca. ( http://www.owning-alpaca.com/ ) This web site is full of great information on how to do all kinds of felting as well as how to care for alpacas. I bought their DVD on how to make dragons. Harry is the result. He doesn’t look that much like the dragon from the DVD, but it gave me the information I needed to really get going.

Creating Harry was the beginning of my love for felting. He told me his name fairly early in the creation process. He whispered, “Add a bit more here.” and “I want more spines.” When I sold Harry, I was sad. He went to a lovely lady who¬† also bought four of Harry’s siblings. I know that he is in a very happy home. I will never forget the joy that creating him gave me and continues to give me, as he was my gateway creation.

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