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It’s time for another Inspiration Thursday. I will be highlighting one artist a week.(I hope I can find enough artists who want to participate.) The artist has just one question to answer, “What inspires you?” On the surface, it seems like a very simple question; however, it is also very complex. I hope that you will enjoy both the answer and the featured artist’s work.

Today’s artist is Jody Whittington. Jody is from Vermont. While she is mainly a needle felter. She has recently branched out into polymer clay. You can see more of  of Jody’s work here http://www.facebook.com/MakeLifeBearable   and here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Felted-Family-Creations-More/207989989269097 (Jody shares this page with her mother, who is also a very talented artist.)

What inspires you?

I really think I am going to go with saying that just about anything inspires me. When I don’t know what to make I walk around my house just looking for something to hit me (inspire me) I’ll use these pictures as examples…..The sunflower bear….it was rubber erasers that I made into flip flops that inspired me to make a summer time bear.

Sunflower Bear

Sunflower Bear, needle felted

The merbaby….it was the smooth rock I had that made me want to cover it in stain glass paint and make it look like water.


Merbaby, polymer clay

My wizard was inspired because I had a clear colored marble, to use as a crystal ball.


Wizard, polymer clay

My Jae~Maes are inspired by memories or thoughts….The little girl playing dress up in her grandmas attic was inspired by a friend reminiscing about how she used to do that.

Dressing up

Dressing Up, Jae-Mae Collection, needle felted

The togetherness piece was inspired by my son sitting on his dad’s knee.


Togetherness, Jae-Mae Collection, needle felted

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