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I had the wonderful experience of attending Convolution in Burlingame this past weekend. It is a second year convention and it was incredible. There were a couple of bobbles at the beginning, I have no doubt that there will be fewer next year. The guest list was incredible: Brian, Wendy, and Toby Froud; Richard and Wendy Pini, Richard Kadrey, Ivan Van Norman, Tricky Pixy, M. Todd Gallowglas, and way too many more to list. I was fortunate to be able to take both of the workshops offered by the Frouds. The mask making workshop was on Friday afternoon. It was listed as a workshop led by Toby, but all three of them were there teaching us how to make beautiful masks. It was incredible. I thought I would share a photo of the masks that we all made.

Everyone's Mask

Everyone’s Mask

I was able to wear my mask to the Goblin Ball on Saturday night. I think it went with my costume pretty well.

My best friend and me at the Goblin Ball.

My best friend and me at the Goblin Ball.

I am already registered for next year’s convention. Tanya Huff is one of the guests of honor. The only thing up for Convolution 2014 is registration, but you should go check out what happened this year.

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