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I’d like to introduce you to Wilma. She loves to frolic in the woods near Woodland Whimsy. She has a smile and a happy thought for everyone she meets.

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A new creature has appeared from the lake here at Woodland Whimsy. She is cute as can be.


Initially, she was very shy and tried to hide. With a bit of patience, she soon decided that we were all right to talk to.


“Hi, my name is Betty. I am a squoozle. There are a lot of us living in the lake, but we are all shy.”  I assured Betty that it was safe for her friends if they wanted to come out.


“I will take to them and see what they say. I’m not sure that they are ready to meet new being though.” confided Betty. Then she headed back down toward the lake and into the water. I hope that we all get a chance to meet some more squoozles. Betty was a very charming creature.

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I have some items in progress that I thought I would share with you. Hopefully I will be able to show them to you finished by week’s end. None of them have told me their names yet. I sure hope they start speaking soon.


This is my latest boggling. Don’t tell any of the other creatures, but I might like the bogglings the best.


This is a made to order gronk. He was auctioned off for a very good cause a couple of years ago. The person who won just found her paperwork and got in touch with me. He’ll be headed off to his new home soon.


This creature is completely new to Woodland Whimsy. We are anxiously awaiting to see what she will become.

I hope that you enjoyed a quick peek into what I am currently working. Please let me know what you think.

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The Snottlings are really feeling the holiday spirit this year. They insisted that they be able to dress for the occasion.


I could only get two of them to be still long enough for  a photo. It doesn’t matter that it is cold outside, once a Snottling gets outside, all it wants to do is explore.

The Snottlings, and all of us here at Woodland Whimsy, wish you a joyous holiday season. However you celebrate, we wish you joy, warmth, and light.

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Thank you for joining Montrose and me for our continuing exploration of the San Diego Zoo.


We went to see the koalas next. We were happy that they had photos and names for several of the koalas.


They were mostly sleeping and were very difficult to see, let alone get a good photo of them.


The giraffes were easy to see. They are so majestic.


Isn’t the baby adorable?


This antelope lives with the giraffes.


This little donkey doesn’t look happy to see us, but he sure was cute.


Montrose loved the flamingos! I had to explain to him that they really do not make good pets.


Montrose enjoyed reading the information about the different animals.


He thought the bears were very interesting. They had lovely enclosures with plants and caves. He was glad that they were far away. He is a bit afraid of bears.

We hope you enjoyed part two of our zoo adventure. We are looking forward to sharing part three with you.


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Last summer was my first trip to the San Diego Zoo. I went with two of my children, two grandsons, my daughter in law, my wonderful husband, and Montrose Mushroom. We were in for a long and wonderful day.


Here is everyone before we went inside.


It is very important to have a map so you know where you are going. My grandson (3 at the time) was in charge of the map. He and Montrose studied it to see where we should go first.


The Terrace Lagoon is a beautiful and peaceful area. Montrose loved seeing the fish and the plants.


Montrose is sure that this fish was about to become a mother.


It is difficult to pose with fish!


There are wonderful statues throughout the zoo.


Checking out the plants


Many of the plants are labeled. It was fun being able to see what the names were and where they are from.


The Tasmanian Devil Exhibit was closed when we were visiting, but the information sign and this awesome statue were available for us to look at.

There are so many incredible things to see at the zoo. I hope you will join Montrose and me as we continue to share photos of our trip.

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Ricky has always been a bit of a problem goblin.


Ricky was often in time out

He gets into things and stays out later than he should.


Ricky and Robyn built this snowman together

He is also a helpful and loving goblin. He found the perfect forever home near Lake Tahoe last month.

The pirate home

The pirate home

Spice Traders Teas is the home of many pirates! They also make really fabulous tea.


Ricky in time out

Ricky gets his time outs lashed to the mast now. He is so happy in his new home. Pirates are often into mischief, so he has no lack of  fellow conspirators in his new home(and many fewer time outs).


Robyn misses him. He has a nice cup of Russian Caravan Tea and thinks about how happy his friend is in his new home.


If you are a tea drinker, I can really recommend the teas from Spice Traders Teas. They have a wide selection of both herbal and regular tea blends. I mostly make my own teas, but couldn’t resist buying some from them as well.


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Once upon a time there was a gronk named Gabby. She was happy living at Woodland Whimsy with all the fantastic creatures, but what she really wanted was a home and a special friend all her own.

Gabby Gronk

Gabby Gronk

All of the creatures from Woodland Whimsy go to fairs in hopes of getting adopted. Gabby always made sure that her pig tails were perfect, and that she was happy as she could be when she went. One day, at a wonderful fair near Lake Tahoe, Gabby met a beautiful little girl who was looking for a forever friend. Gabby and the lovely girl felt an instant friendship. Both were very happy to go home together. Gabby and the girl are happy together still and will be so forever after.

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I’m back. I was on vacation. I looked back and realized that I forgot to write a post telling you I was going on vacation. Sigh, it is always a very busy time. I always forget several things.

While I was away I finished a really fun creature. His name is Wendel.


Wendel is quite tall. (I really  need to measure him)


I’m really happy with all of the little details.



I hope that you enjoy Wendel as much as I enjoyed creating him. I would love it if you could take a minute and let me know what you think.

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Once upon a time a young triclops awoke. He felt confused and a bit ill. Slowly he looked around. Nothing looked familiar. Where was he? For that matter, who was he? Starting to feel panicked, he sat up quickly. Then he realized he had a piece of paper in his hand. There was writing on it.

Dearest Seymour,

If you are reading this, the spell has worked and our message has found its way to you. We love you and hope that you are safe and well. We hope by this time that your quest is finished and you are on your way back to us.

With Much Love,

Mom and Dad

Seymour felt full of despair. How could he find his way home if he didn’t know where home was? Seymour read the note again and then once more. The words that spoke of love, hope, and family gave him heart. Seymour stood, chose the direction that seemed best to him and began to walk.

Seymour the Wanderer

Seymour the Wanderer

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