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Happy Friday everyone! Do you have something wonderful planned for the weekend? I am planning on driving over the mountain to visit with my mom.


I so rarely get to post photos of mushrooms that I have taken at my house. Living in the desert does not happy mushrooms make. These cute little guys were growing in one of my container gardens. I mixed compost with the potting soil this year, so I am looking forward to having bunches of mushrooms in my pots.

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I am so happy to over the flu. I just have a bit of a cough that is hanging on.


I love this mushroom growing in my in law’s garden. The pansy back drop is pretty.

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I am happy that my computer is fixed. It is really difficult to keep up with things with it not working. I hope that you are all having a wonderful Friday the  Thirteenth.


Today I have a bunch of little mushrooms for you. These guys were all under three inches tall.

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I’m back. I was on vacation. I looked back and realized that I forgot to write a post telling you I was going on vacation. Sigh, it is always a very busy time. I always forget several things.

While I was away I finished a really fun creature. His name is Wendel.


Wendel is quite tall. (I really  need to measure him)


I’m really happy with all of the little details.



I hope that you enjoy Wendel as much as I enjoyed creating him. I would love it if you could take a minute and let me know what you think.

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Fungus Friday is a bit late this week. My mom, sister, and two of my nephews came by for a short visit. We played in the garden and shared plants. It was a lovely way to spend my morning.

vacation 001

I have a photo of a lovely little morel for you today. There was just the one growing where we happened upon it, so we left it there to do its thing.  My one experience eating morels was not good; however, they had been frozen, but not cleaned, so I have hope that fresh, or at least not gritty  morels taste good.  I will have to make an effort to try them again. Have you eaten morels? What did you think about them?

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Happy Friday everyone! Do you have something fun planned for the weekend? My guys are busy, so I will be having a quiet weekend at home.

Mike's camera 823 Mike's camera 825 Mike's camera 826

This guys is so majestic he deserves to be seen from a few angles. Finding fabulous fungus to photograph is one of my favorite parts of hikes in the woods.

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Happy Friday! What do you have planned for the weekend? We will be traveling over the mountains to shear alpacas so we have more fiber to create wonderful things. I will strive to remember to get photos. None of us have sheared alpacas before, so we are really hoping it is not that much different than sheep.


Some slime molds are pretty yucky looking, but these little spots of orange slime mold are quite pretty.


Bonus photo! This is my dog, Keterlyn, on the same hike I took the photo of the slime mold. She is getting too old to go on long hikes with us(These photos are about five years old), but she is still a great friend.

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