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I would like to say that I will be completely back on track with my blogging, but I am still having intermittent problems (meaning they only happen when my husband is not home) with my computer. My husband fixes such things for a living, so I’m sure as soon as it happens when he sees it, he can fix it.

Pam Ray is today’s artist. I have to say that she is an inspires me to live my life the best way I can. She is a loving lady who is willing to go above and beyond to care for those she loves. Her art is fun and so creative. You can see more of Pam’s work here http://www.facebook.com/OriginalMinnesotaRockHeadsWoolSculptures.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by so much and so many different things in life. I am always one that trys to look at everything with my cup half full and with humor. Everyday we all need to have a laugh or a short giggle, dream even if its for a few moments.

rock heads

Original Minnesota Rock Heads

We have been through so much with family. When my youngest adopted son started having tantrums from his disability F.A.S.  we couldn’t do anything for him. So I brought out my very first Rock Head Fred. I told him that Fred really needed his help on getting Louise to go fishing with him. My boy was five he started laughing so hard and then he goes, “Mom they are only heads how can they go fishing?” Well the conversation went on and on.  So I decided that I needed to needle felt and write stories about the MN Rock Heads. So each Rock Head has a humorous story that everyone can relate to somehow.


Felix and Froggy

The Rock Heads even had tragedy in their lives, friends people that didn’t know me at all sent well wishes The Rock Heads brought people together which was nice. I didn’t realize how many fans the Rock Heads have.

Visiting School

Lindy Lou and Felix at School

I am inspired everyday by people, nature, and the love of how humor can help someone feel better, to dream, and laugh. Life can be hard for all at times, but  it can be joyous too, so the Rock Heads are here to help you dream, enjoy, and bring people together!

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