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The San Jose Fantasy Faire was last weekend. It holds a special place in my heart, as it was my first large show. As usual, I was unable to get a lot of photos since I am working when I am there, but I have some booth shots to share with you.

ff costume shot 2

This is what we looked like on Saturday morning.


The entire booth.


Left side


Right side


The back

ff costume shot1

Us on Sunday


Spock came by and checked out the curious creatures. Ricky thought the tricorder tickled.


A very happy customer. I always have the best intentions of getting photos of customers with their new friends. I just get caught up in things and forget. It is something I will continue to try and do. My next venue will be in Coolin, Idaho for Priest Lake Spring Festival.

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The San Jose Fantasy Faire was so fun! I knew it would be, I had a blast last year. The second year was even better than the first. I was too busy most of the time to take photos of the wonderful people who adopted creatures from Woodland Whimsy. I got a few though. I thought that I would share them with you.

Snotlings and Slerks

Snotlings and Slerks

This fun gentleman bought a slerk and three snotlings. They all matched his shirt. I was glad I had a safety pin to attach the slerk to his shoulder where he wanted it to be.

Slerk on the shoulder

Slerk on the shoulder

This dapper gentleman also wanted his slerk to sit on his shoulder. I will be taking a supply of safety pins to shows with me in the future.



This snotling appears to want to get back to his origins.

Ready to sell

Ready to sell

Here is a photo of helper and myself just before the faire opened. We had a wonderful time and are looking foward to next year’s faire.

As always, you can see more of my work here at Woodland Whimsy. That page has links to all my pages.





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