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I know that many of us in North America are really ready for spring(I know some already have it, but it’s been a long winter for many of us) I thought that I would share some photos of spring here at Woodland Whimsy. It is a glorious, and all too brief where I live, season.

Garden 043

Bleeding Heart

Garden 028

Crab Apple

I grew this from a tiny seedling.

Garden 030

Purple Pansies

This slerk loves getting his photo taken.

Garden 031

Hechera-Coral Bells or Alum Root

You see? Here he is again.

Garden 032


It was a bit early for the Anemones to be open. They wait for it to be a bit warmer.

Garden 034


This one is very fragrant.

Garden 036


I love Iris. I have many varieties in my yard. It gives me a long Iris bloom time.

Garden 038


Garden 039


Garden 041

White Lilac

I really hope that we don’t get another hard freeze. We will have more frost, but the harder it is the more likely it is to ruin my lilac blooms.

I hope you have enjoyed this little mini tour of my spring garden.


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Happy Friday! I hope that you all have a fun weekend planned.

Bunny fungus?

Bunny fungus?

In honor of the season, here is a fungus trying to look like a bunny.

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I found something new in my garden last week. Normally one wouldn’t be happy to find a snail in the garden. Read the story to find out why I am.



I’d like to introduce you to Stanley Snail. I found him in my garden last week. He is beautiful, but he is a snail. I was worried about what he would do to my garden.

Stanley with the white crocus

Stanley with the white crocus

Stanley eased my fears by assuring me that he does not eat plants. He is a garden protector.

Purple crocus

Purple crocus

“Not only do I not eat garden plants, I do eat garden pests.” Stanley explained.

Lonely daffodil

Lonely daffodil

Stanley wandered through the garden while he chatted with me. Examining the early spring plants.

Dutch Iris

Dutch Iris

“I also help out the small animals that are good for your garden like the spiders, lady bugs, and worms.”

Lilac leaves budding

Lilac leaves budding

“I keep an eye on things and let you know when something is going wrong,” continued Stanley. “I hope that you will let me stay.” I told Stanley that he was welcome to stay with me. Gardeners can always use a bit of help.

I hope that you enjoyed meeting Stanley. He is a needle felted creation. If you would like to see more of my work, you can do so here www.woodlandwhimsy.com It has photos and links to all of my pages.




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