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Ricky has always been a bit of a problem goblin.


Ricky was often in time out

He gets into things and stays out later than he should.


Ricky and Robyn built this snowman together

He is also a helpful and loving goblin. He found the perfect forever home near Lake Tahoe last month.

The pirate home

The pirate home

Spice Traders Teas is the home of many pirates! They also make really fabulous tea.


Ricky in time out

Ricky gets his time outs lashed to the mast now. He is so happy in his new home. Pirates are often into mischief, so he has no lack of  fellow conspirators in his new home(and many fewer time outs).


Robyn misses him. He has a nice cup of Russian Caravan Tea and thinks about how happy his friend is in his new home.


If you are a tea drinker, I can really recommend the teas from Spice Traders Teas. They have a wide selection of both herbal and regular tea blends. I mostly make my own teas, but couldn’t resist buying some from them as well.


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