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It’s time for another Inspiration Thursday. I will be highlighting one artist a week.(I hope I can find enough artists who want to participate.) The artist has just one question to answer, “What inspires you?” On the surface, it seems like a very simple question; however, it is also very complex. I hope that you will enjoy both the answer and the featured artist’s work.

Our artist for this week is Natasha Smith of Shetland. You can see more of Natasha’s fabulous work here http://www.facebook.com/FeltingIsFun?ref=ts

What inspires me?
O.K so for me its my environment. I moved to the wilds of Shetland 6 years ago and have never looked back. For anyone who has been here, they know the secret of the isles.  For anyone who hasn’t, this secret is still to be discovered. The sounds, the smells, the wind blowing across the sea. The weather here changes so quickly you can see all four seasons in one day. All your senses are tantalized, that is what makes Shetland a wonderful place for an artist. It’s truly an awe inspiring place to be.


Viking Men

I live surrounded by sheep and wanted to try and utilize their wool so I started knitting and stumbled upon needle felting. I have fallen head over heels in love with it. Using wool of any type makes me feel linked to my surroundings. I love the feeling it gives me inside, it makes me glow.


Dragon Day Out with Bling

My work is guided by everything I see and imagine, almost everything touches me in some way and I hope it shows in my work. My mood also molds my work. I think that is true of all artists across the board. We all have our happy days and some days are more subdued than others. On these days, I still try to create as I know sometimes something magical can come out of your feelings.

Chinese Dragon

Chinese Dragon

Of course I am inspired by talented artists, but I do try not to be influenced by their work too much. I like to keep evolving my own style. Ultimately I create my art for fun and to make people smile.

lap full of fun

Natasha’s Beautiful Daughter and Pals

This is what drives me forward. Sometimes though it is just me who smiles, and that’s the best reward of all.

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