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I’d like to introduce you to Wilma. She loves to frolic in the woods near Woodland Whimsy. She has a smile and a happy thought for everyone she meets.

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Happy Friday!! Is there something exciting going on in your world right now? We here at Woodland Whimsy are looking forward to relocating. We will be moving north, to a land of big trees, big water, and awesome fungus.


This handsome couple was spotted in the dormant huckleberry patch below my in laws’ house. I love how they look like they are taking a little stroll in the woods.

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Happy Friday the 13th! Do you worry that today is an unlucky day? Do you think it is a lucky day? Do you not care either way? How ever you feel about today, I hope that you enjoy today’s fungus.


I think this guy had to work pretty hard to push himself up through the mulch that coats the forest floor.

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Happy Friday!! I have a very busy day planned today, but my weekend is looking pretty quiet. I’m hoping to get some more work done on the works in progress that I showed you earlier in the week. I have one of them almost finished.


These little shelf fungi were tucked on the lower side of a fallen log. They look ready for a fairy musical group to come and use them for a stage as they play.

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Fungus Friday

Happy Friday!

Stacy mushrooms

Today’s lovely mushrooms were photographed by my best friend, Stacy Ferguson. She saw these beauties while she was hiking amongst the redwoods.

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Happy Friday! We are well into the new year. My life has settled down a bit, so it’s back to blogging for me.


This soon to be big guy was just pushing up out of the soil when I found him.  It looks like a critter had already had a little bit of a snack off of the side.

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Happy Friday! Woodland Whimsy will be very quiet this weekend. Both of the other humans who live here have things to do away from home. I will have a weekend of cleaning and creating.


These lovely little mushrooms were photographed on our hike in to see the cabin that my in laws honey mooned in. It was a much shorter hike for us than it was for them. The road that got  us close wasn’t there nearly 60 years ago. They got rowed across the lake and dropped off by the outlet of the creek that runs by the cabin. It was a four mile hike from there. Last summer several men got together and put a new roof (hand cut shakes) on the cabin and did some other refurbishing. It is nice that the cabin is not being left to fall into ruin.

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Happy Friday! I hope that you have plans for the perfect weekend.


Some lovely mushrooms we found in a dormant patch of huckleberries.

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Happy Friday! We have some very new and exciting changes coming here at Woodland Whimsy. I’m not going to share them yet, but there is a big shaking up coming for us.

vacation 062

I love this fungus! He looks like he is wearing a jaunty hat.

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Happy Friday everyone! Do you have something fun planned for the weekend? My guys are busy, so I will be having a quiet weekend at home.

Mike's camera 823 Mike's camera 825 Mike's camera 826

This guys is so majestic he deserves to be seen from a few angles. Finding fabulous fungus to photograph is one of my favorite parts of hikes in the woods.

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