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It has been very busy this week at Woodland Whimsy. Everything has been counted and recorded in a new spread sheet. One of our goals for the year is to keep better records. I have been felting away and my husband has made a couple of new pieces to use in our display.

Walter can stand up

Walter can stand up

If you have ever seen Walter in person, he was always leaning or wrapped around something. He spent his public life looking quite tipsy. No more! Walter has a new stand that lets him show what a sober guy he really is.

Yesterday morning


This photo is from yesterday. Three mushrooms and a tiny terrarium finished. Betty Goblin Baby’s head is almost finished. Poor Betty has been a work in progress for quite some time. She is glad to see that her completion is in sight. See that cute little driftwood bench? My husband made that for me to use in my display at shows.

This morning

This morning

Four more mushrooms completed. Betty has a body and a new gronk(who has also been a work in progress for a while) is getting some work done. It feels good to be busy and productive. I’d best get back to work, Betty would really like to have some arms, legs, and ears.




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